Why sell Taste Plants?

We make Taste Plants mints with plants and plant extracts, xylitol, and pack them in compostable paper tubes. We choose these ingredients ourselves to create the best tasting, most oral-health-conscious breath mints you can buy.

We believe in making products that are good for you (the breath mint muncher), us (our team and everyone that helps make it happen), and them (everyone who doesn't fall into the other two categories, like your neighbor).

Do you want to be a part of that?

First, we review each account for purity of spirit, then we create your online account where you can order at wholesale pricing through our website.

To apply, email wholesale@tasteplants.com with:

  • A brief introduction to your company, your location, etc
  • An email address that you'd like to use to login
  • Your tax ID and resellers permit
  • Extra magic

We'll get back to you asap and let you know if you made it in! 🤞